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NFL Mock Drafts
NFL Mock Drafts – which experts' draft improves your favorite team the most? We simulated mock drafts from ESPN, CBS, and analysts to find out.    MORE

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ResultsFinder Highlights
04/21/2014 Highlight: Using the ResultsFinder for the week of April 14th - 20th, one could find that all highlighted, MLB "normal" or better picks went 22-16 (58% ML, O/U, RL). A normal $50 player utilizing our play value recommendations on these picks returned a profit of +$425 for the week.

The week in the NBA was even stronger, particularly with the start of postseason play. Overall, for the week, normal or better picks went 3-1 (75% ATS and O/U), including starting the Playoffs 2-0 with such plays. New this, we have added halftime picks which have proven capable of providing strong opportunities to exploit the market. Over just eight NBA Playoff games thus far, halftime normal or better (and there are "better" halftime picks) against-the-spread plays were especially strong, going 5-0 (100% ATS).

As the NBA and NHL postseason began, all highlighted, "normal" or better picks on the site, including halftimes, went 40-23 (63% ATS, ML, O/U and PL) for the week.   MORE
NFL Draft Machine
The future of NFL Draft projections and evaluation, the free NFL Draft Machine allows for the easy creation of mock drafts as well as an industry-first evaluation process to quickly know which teams benefit and to what degree.   MORE
GameChangers - NBA Playoffs
To highlight the Live ScoreCaster, we will take our in-game technology to the next level to review the game-changing plays from each NBA Playoff series and what the games would have looked like if the plays had turned out differently.
Draft Rankings - Top 250
View GM Paul Bessire's rankings of the top 250 prospects in the 2014 NFL Draft class, which includes scores and ratings for Jadaveon Clowney, Anthony Barr, Aaron Donald, Ryan Shazier, Khalil Mack and others. Some players look poised to break out, while others are strong bust candidates. Check out the analysis, projections and rankings for the top 250 NFL Draft prospects.    MORE - Introduction General Manager Paul Bessire weighs in with his thoughts on the launch of and the differences between handicapping horse racing and sports.    MORE
NFL Power Rankings
With the NFL Draft Machine launching and given the ability to evaluate updated Power Rankings, we first look at how the NFL Power Rankings have changed from the end of the regular season to looking forward to the 2014-15 season following free agency.    MORE
NBA Picks - 4/24/2014
The Predictalator has played every NBA game for today 50,000 times to provide straight-up, against-the-spread and over/under picks with confidence including the Indiana Pacers @ Atlanta Hawks and more.
MLB Picks - 04/24/2014
The Predictalator has played today's MLB games 50,000 times to analyze the chances of each team winning each game relative to the money line and for the total. See Philadelphia Phillies @ Los Angeles Dodgers.   MORE
NHL Picks - 04/24/2014
The Predictalator has played today's NHL regular season games 50,000 times to analyze the chances of either team winning relative to the money-line, puck-line and for the total to go over or under. See Colorado Avalanche @ Minnesota Wild and more.   MORE
Live ScoreCaster
View current scores and play-by-play as well as live, updating projections from 50,000 simulations of the remaining time in basketball, football and baseball games with the free Live ScoreCaster from After each play in an NFL, college football, college basketball or NBA game and after each half inning in every MLB game, the Predictalator simulates the rest of the game 50,000 times to determine the projected score and the likelihood of either team winning.   MORE
Halftime Picks
As soon as an NFL, college football or NBA games reach halftime, we simulate the game immediately 50,000 times utilizing our Live ScoreCaster technology. Live ScoreCaster is a blend of the live play-by-play feed and the state-of-the-art "Predictalator" simulation engine. Remember, the halftime line is not necessarily a true line on who the oddsmakers think will win the second half. Vegas halftime lines are typically used to close the gap on any exposure the book may have from full game action on each individual game, thus creating line inefficiencies and opportunity for subscribers.   MORE
The Prediction Machine Blog
A one-stop destination for analytically driven sports, statistics, fantasy and/or betting insights, the PM Blog offers a unique look behind the numbers from handicapping experts.   MORE
Stanley Cup Futures
After 50,000 simulations of the 2014 NHL Playoffs, we look for some value in the Stanley Cup future odds   MORE
Tutorial Videos
Watch the Tutorial Videos to see what is new on the site and how to get the most out of our information.   MORE
Getting a Different Line? - Play Analyzer: Picks at Current Consensus Lines
Use the Play Analyzer to make sure you always have the best information. Getting a different line than our picks? Want to know about that teaser? Subscribers to our weekly or season long picks are now be able to access this tool to answer those questions and more.   MORE
The Predictalator
The Predictalator is the most advanced sports forecasting software available today, playing every game 50,000 times before it's actually played to provide straight-up, against-the-spread and over/under confidence picks for optimal sports investing and bankroll management.

Learn more about the Predictalator.   MORE



Live ScoreCaster™ Look-in

4/24 Current Score Proj Score Proj Win %
Ind 85 85 0
Atl 98 98 100
Game Over
4/24 Current Score Proj Score Proj Win %
Phi 7 7 100
LAD 3 3 0

What is PredictionMachine? strives to be the most accurate and trusted source for predicting sports outcomes straight-up and against-the-spread.

The state-of-the-art and unbiased Predictalator ("the Prediction Machine") was built by Paul Bessire, a statistician and veteran sports journalist, who offers his unique takes through his blog posts and his matchup breakdowns in his in-depth analysis. finds the angle that you need to win with accuracy that stems from the Predictalator, which plays the game 50,000 times before it's actually played to provide confidence picks straight-up, against-the-spread and over/under as well as player projections for fantasy players and props.

The Predictalator is the most advanced sports forecasting software available today because it has the ability to account for all of the relevant statistical interactions of the players (playing or not playing/injured), coaches, officials, fans (homefield advantage) and weather in each game.

The Predictalator plays every game 50,000 times before it's actually played. This provides us the ability to assign probabilities to the likelihood of just about any outcome occurring in any contest including straight-up, against-the-spread and over/under winners of each game.

ResultsFinder Highlight (3/24/2014): The Predictalator continued its strong performance during the NCAA Tournament, all-time. With a profitable start yet again to this season, highlighted, "normal" or better plays are now 42-24 (64% ATS) and the top ATS play each day has gone 14-6 (70% ATS) over the first week of the tournament in the last five years. The success has not just limited to ATS, especially this season as all playable over/under picks went 22-14 (61% O/U) over the first three rounds of the tournament. For the month of March, all playable totals in college basketball are 130-96 (58% O/U). 
Halftime picks are new for this year's college basketball tournament. In the first week of March Madness all normal or better against-the-spread halftime picks went 23-15 (61% ATS), which has generated a +$1,079 return for a normal $50 player using the play value recommendations. Halftime Picks are accessible under the Live ScoreCaster tab during halftime of each game.

With MLB's true Opening Day just around the corner, it is worth noting that "normal" or better MLB Team Over/Under Win Total picks are 33-11 (75% O/U) all-time, including going 9-1 (90% O/U) in 2012.