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View current scores as well as live, updating projections from 50,000 simulations of the remaining basketball, football, soccer and baseball games with the totally free Live ScoreCaster from

After each play in an NFL, college football, college basketball, soccer (top leagues from England, Spain, Germany, Italy, French and USA) or NBA game and after each half inning in every MLB game, the Predictalator simulates the rest of the game 50,000 times to determine the projected score, likelihood of either team winning, ATS and O/U percentages, impact of all players and critical plays in determining the SU, ATS and O/U outcome.

All free live updates - with scores, play-by-play, charts and projected scores - are available below. Find games involving your favorite teams easier with My Teams or check out Recent Games. In the App (iTunes and Google Play Store), notifications are available to get updates at the major plays in the game to significantly change the projected outcome.

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Available Games

Sport Matchup
MLB Chicago Cubs @ Pittsburgh Pirates Live
MLB New York Mets @ Miami Marlins Live
MLB Houston Astros @ Texas Rangers Live
MLB San Diego Padres @ Milwaukee Brewers Live
MLB Seattle Mariners @ Colorado Rockies Live
MLB Baltimore Orioles @ Oakland Athletics Live
MLB Cleveland Indians @ Los Angeles Angels Live
MLB Kansas City Royals @ Toronto Blue Jays 2 - 5
MLB San Diego Padres @ Miami Marlins 0 - 2
MLB Pittsburgh Pirates @ Cincinnati Reds 3 - 0
MLB Tampa Bay Rays @ Boston Red Sox 4 - 3
MLB Atlanta Braves @ Philadelphia Phillies 6 - 2
MLB Detroit Tigers @ Baltimore Orioles 6 - 1
MLB Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins 4 - 1
MLB Chicago Cubs @ Milwaukee Brewers 4 - 3
MLB New York Yankees @ Chicago White Sox 0 - 0
MLB Arizona Diamondbacks @ Houston Astros 1 - 4
MLB Colorado Rockies @ St. Louis Cardinals 2 - 3
MLB San Francisco Giants @ Texas Rangers 0 - 2
MLB Cleveland Indians @ Oakland Athletics 1 - 2
MLB Los Angeles Angels @ Los Angeles Dodgers 2 - 3
MLB Washington Nationals @ New York Mets 2 - 5
MLB Minnesota Twins @ Toronto Blue Jays 1 - 5
MLB Arizona Diamondbacks @ Washington Nationals 6 - 4
MLB San Francisco Giants @ Atlanta Braves 8 - 9
MLB Tampa Bay Rays @ Chicago White Sox 5 - 4

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