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    Reminder: 2013 NHL Season

    FREE Picks, NHL Free Trial starts tomorrow
    Last Updated: 8/19/2014 10:04 PM ET

    For a season preview look here, but consider this your reminder; the NHL season starts tomorrow! After a 28-14 playable O/U NHL and 18-8 normal+ O/U and ML playoffs, 2012 NHL regular and postseason picks finished the year 143-100 (59% O/U) on all playable totals and 145-114 (56%) on all playable money-lines. NHL straight-up, over/under, money-line and puck-line picks and predictions for the start of the lockout-shortened 2013 regular season will be FREE to all from the start of the season (January 19) through February 3. Click here to sign up for free access. 

    Below is a look at line movements in four of the games tomorrow.

    Pittsburgh Penguins @ Philadelphia Flyers, 3:05 PM EST

      Money Line Puck Line Total
      Fav Dog Fav Dog Over Under
    Opened PIT -115 PHI +104 PHI -270 PIT +230 6.5 -105 6.5 -105
    Current PIT -120 PHI +100 PHI -260 PIT +220 6 -130 6 +110

    Some action on the Pittsburgh money-line, has moved the line from -115 to -120, meaning you have to wager $120 to win $100. The total on goals scored has come down from 6.5 to 6, you have to wager $130 to win $100 if you want to take the over at 6 goals.

    Pittsburgh Penguins

    2012 Record: 51-25-6, 108 Points

    Projected Record (had the season started on time): 33-10-3, 69 Points

    Odds to win Stanley Cup: 8-1

    Philadelphia Flyers

    2012 Record: 47-26-9, 103 Points

    Projected Record: 32-10-3, 67 Points

    Odds to win Stanley Cup: 15-1

    Detroit Red Wings @ St. Louis Blues, 8:05 PM EST

      Money Line Puck Line Total
      Fav Dog Fav Dog Over Under
    Opened STL -136 DET +124 DET -250 STL +210 5 -121 5 +110
    Current STL -140 DET +120 DET -260 STL +220 5 -120 5 +100

    The money-line has come down on the Red Wings and there has been some action on the under at 5 goals. There are a lot of concerns about what kind of shape the players will be in coming out of the lockout.

    St. Louis Blues

    2012 Record: 49-22-11, 109 Points

    Projected Record: 34-9-1, 69 Points

    Odds to win Stanley Cup: 15-1

    Detroit Red Wings

    2012 Record: 48-28-6, 102 Points

    Projected Record: 32-10-3, 67 Points

    Odds to win Stanley Cup: 12-1

    New York Rangers @ Boston Bruins, 7:05 PM EST

      Money Line Puck Line Total
      Fav Dog Fav Dog Over Under
    Opened BOS -120 NYR +109 NYR -265 BOS +225 5 -120 5 +109
    Current BOS -125 NYR +105 NYR -275 BOS +235 5 -125 5 +105

    The puck-line in this game has moved, money is coming in on the Rangers +1.5 goals, have to wager $275 to win $100. Some bettors believe the Rangers will be able to keep it close with the Bruins starting a new goalie in place of Tim Thomas.

    New York Rangers

    2012 Record: 51-24-7, 109 Points

    Projected Record: 32-10-5, 69 Points

    Odds to win Stanley Cup: 9-1

    Boston Bruins

    2012 Record: 49-29-4, 102 Points

    Projected Record: 33-10-1, 67 Points

    Odds to win Stanley Cup: 15-1

    Chicago Blackhawks @ Los Angeles Kings, 3:05 PM EST

      Money Line Puck Line Total
      Fav Dog Fav Dog Over Under
    Opened LOS -140 CHI +127 CHI -245 LOS +205 5 -115 5 +104
    Current LOS -135 CHI +115 CHI -265 LOS +225 5 -120 5 +105

    Bettors have moved the money-line on the dog from +127 to +115. If you liked Chicago you would now only get $115 payout on a $100 bet.

    Los Angeles Kings

    2012 Record: 40-27-15, 95 Points

    Projected Record: 27-17-6, 60 Points

    Odds to win Stanley Cup: 10-1

    Chicago Blackhawks

    2012 Record: 45-26-11, 101 Points

    Projected Record: 28-16-3, 59 Points

    Odds to win Stanley Cup: 10-1

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