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    Super Bowl Cross Sport Props

    Last Updated: 8/19/2014 10:04 PM ET

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    Super Bowl Cross Sport Props

    Director of Research and Analytics, John Ewing, takes a look at Cross Sport Props from Bovada. All projected stats are averages from the 50,000 games played of Super Bowl XLVII. Follow John on Twitter @JohnEwing for more Prop bets and to let him know what other props you may like to see.

    What will be higher? Team Position Spread Odds
    Kobe Bryant Points Feb 3rd vs. Detroit LAL SG 5.5 -115
    Randy Moss Receiving Yards Super Bowl XLVII SF WR -5.5 -115

    Kobe is averaging 28.1 points per game this season; however, in his last four games he is averaging 16.5 points as he has focused on dishing out more assists (9+ in each game). Randy Moss is projected 28.8 yards in the Super Bowl vs. the Ravens.

    Pick: Moss ***The Dwight Howard injury may force Kobe back into a scoring role, proceed with caution!***

    What will be higher? Team Position Spread Odds
    Sidney Crosby Shots on Goal Feb 3rd vs. Washington PIT C Pick -115
    Torrey Smith Receptions Super Bowl XLVII BAL WR Pick -115

    For his career, including eight seasons and 440 games, Sidney Crosby has averaged 3.4 shots on goal per game. In six games this year Crosby is averaging 3.8 SOG. In Crosby's last sixteen games in February he is averaging 3 SOG. We are projecting Torrey Smith to have 4.1 receptions in the Super Bowl.

    Pick: Torrey Smith

    What will be higher? Team Position Spread Odds
    Peyton Siva Assists Feb 3rd vs. Marquette LOU PG Pick -115
    Michael Crabtree Receptions Super Bowl XLVII SF WR Pick -115

    Peyton Siva has averaged 4.6 assists per game in his four-year career at Louisville, which includes 125 games. This season Siva is averaging 6 assists per game. Michael Crabtree is projected 5.8 receptions against the Ravens.

    Pick: Siva

    What will be higher? Team Position Spread Odds
    Chris Paul Total Points Feb 3rd vs. Boston LAC PG Pick -115
    Colin Kaepernick Completions Super Bowl XLVII BAL WR Pick -115

    Chris Paul is averaging 16.6 points per game this season. In his last ten games against Boston Paul has only averaged 16 points per game. Paul has also been battling a knee injury all season that has seen him miss eight games. We project Colin Kaepernick to complete 17.2 passes on Sunday.

    Pick: Kaepernick

    What will be higher? Team Position Spread Odds
    Evgeni Malkin Points Feb 3rd vs. Washington PIT C/RW Pick -115
    Frank Gore Receptions Super Bowl XLVII SF RB Pick -115

    Malkin has averaged 1.23 points (Goals + Assists) in 433 games over seven years. This year Malkin is averaging 1 point per game. In ten games spanning the last four years, Malkin has averaged 1.42 points vs. Washington. Frank Gore is projected 1.6 receptions.

    Pick: Gore

    What will be higher? Team Position Spread Odds
    Blake Griffin Points and Rebounds Feb 3rd vs. Boston LAC PF Pick -115
    Ray Rice Receiving Yards Super Bowl XLVII BAL RB Pick -115

    This season Griffin is averaging 27.1 points + rebounds and for his career he is averaging 31.7 points + rebounds. For his career, in 96 road games Griffin is averaging 30.4 points + rebounds. Ray Rice is projected 25.9 receiving yards.

    Pick: Griffin

    What will be higher? Team Position Spread Odds
    Carey Price Saves Feb 3 vs. Ottawa MON G Pick -115
    Colin Kaepernick Passing Attempts Super Bowl XLVII SF QB Pick -115

    Carey Price has averaged 27.3 saves in 276 games over six seasons. In his last thirteen games against Ottawa Price has averaged 27.5 saves. We are projecting Kaepernick to have 28.8 passing attempts.

    Pick: Kaepernick

    What will be higher? Team Position Spread Odds
    Total Goals in Machester City vs. Liverpool Feb 3rd LAL SG Pick -115
    Randy Moss Receptions Super Bowl XLVII SF WR Pick -115

    This year in 24 games Manchester City is averaging 1.88 goals for and 0.79 goals against. In the same number of games Liverpool is averaging 1.75 goals for and 1.25 goals against. Total goals scored are over two for each club. Randy moss is projected 1.7 receptions in the Super Bowl.

    Pick: Total Goals, Manchester City vs. Liverpool

    What will be higher? Team Position Spread Odds
    LeBron James Points Feb 3rd vs. Toronto MIA SF Pick -115
    49ers Total Points Scored Super Bowl XLVII SF Team Pick -115

    LeBron James is averaging 26.5 points per game this season, which is down from his career average of 27.6 points. In his last ten games against Toronto LeBron has averaged 27.9 points per game. We are projecting the 49ers to score 28.6 points in the Super Bowl.

    Pick: 49ers

    If there are any other prop picks that you would like to see for the Super Bowl, please let us know by submitting a Support Contact. Thanks!

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