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    NFL Preview: Playoff Predictions

    Last Updated: 8/27/2015 7:23 PM ET

    Each week, we will simulate the rest of the regular season and playoffs 50,000 times with updated player and team statistical information to provide up-to-date projected records, standings, playoff probabilities and odds to win the Super Bowl for each team in the NFL. This information will be provided below with "Wins" and "Losses" referring to the teams' current record so far and "Proj Wins" and "Proj Losses" noting the projected final regular season record for each team. "Playoffs%" and "SB%" signify the team's chances of winning making it to the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl respectively.

    NFL Playoff Probabilities

    AFC East Playoffs% SB SU Win%
    New England Patriots 71.9 3.4
    Miami Dolphins 52.6 4.8
    Buffalo Bills 28.6 1.4
    New York Jets 11.5 0.3
    AFC West Playoffs% SB SU Win%
    Denver Broncos 70.8 11.0
    Kansas City Chiefs 35.7 1.9
    San Diego Chargers 27.5 1.2
    Oakland Raiders 16.9 0.5
    AFC South Playoffs% SB SU Win%
    Indianapolis Colts 85.3 13.2
    Houston Texans 32.3 1.1
    Tennessee Titans 15.1 0.2
    Jacksonville Jaguars 2.3 0.0
    AFC North Playoffs% SB SU Win%
    Baltimore Ravens 43.1 2.1
    Cincinnati Bengals 42.5 2.1
    Pittsburgh Steelers 43.0 2.2
    Cleveland Browns 20.9 0.5
    NFC East Playoffs% SB SU Win%
    Philadelphia Eagles 57.5 5.1
    Dallas Cowboys 43.4 3.8
    New York Giants 31.9 1.5
    Washington Redskins 22.0 0.7
    NFC West Playoffs% SB SU Win%
    Seattle Seahawks 83.4 14.8
    St. Louis Rams 26.0 0.8
    Arizona Cardinals 18.3 0.5
    San Francisco 49ers 13.0 0.3
    NFC South Playoffs% SB SU Win%
    Carolina Panthers 64.0 4.3
    Atlanta Falcons 32.0 0.8
    New Orleans Saints 24.9 0.5
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11.3 0.1
    NFC North Playoffs% SB SU Win%
    Green Bay Packers 86.8 17.1
    Minnesota Vikings 51.2 3.1
    Detroit Lions 22.9 0.7
    Chicago Bears 11.3 0.1
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