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    We're Growing (8/23/16)

    By CEO Paul Bessire
    We are growing... significantly.

    It is an exciting time for the as the team is growing substantially to leverage the direct support of ten times as many analysts, writers, developers, designers and quants as it ever has ever had at one time since launching in 2010.

    Foremost among these is Rob Pizzola, who I have known in various capacities including radio host and producer, mobile product guru, nerd (meant as a compliment) and someone who fully "gets" the fantasy, DFS and gaming industry as well as the average fan (though his level of passion for hockey and the Toronto Blue Jays certainly would not be considered "average").

    Rob will serve as "Business Manager," which is to say that he will help to coordinate everything that the site is doing as it remains on the leading edge of sports analytics, simulation, market evaluation, B2B tools and more. Not that unlike myself, a diverse background and intense passion for building the best products and tools, while supplying the most accurate information are needed for this role. The site is in great hands with Rob (and our extensive team).

    At the same time, this is a bit of a bittersweet moment for me as my role with PM is changing.

    I am incredibly proud of what we have built. As founders, we met in December of 2009 with the goal to help (several other organizations I respect have been part of this as well) change an industry from a tout-laden field focused on self promotion and shadiness (seriously, when it was obvious I was on to something, I had multiple companies offer me a monthly stipend for each of several "handicappers" I made picks as in order to virtually ensure that one would always be "hot") to an objective, tech-savvy, data-centric, legitimate business that found real value and context. What it has become is so much bigger than I expected - the "so what of sports data" as I like to call it. The site and its technology have become great resources for fantasy and DFS players, bettors, fans, teams, agents, media companies and more.

    I am so appreciative for the support of media, others in the industry, fans and more who have tuned in on the site, the radio, TV and more to learn about what we do and how its output is relevant. Thank you.

    And while I truly feel that we are just getting started with innovations - you should see the user-friendly, neural network, machine learning, pattern recognition tool in the works - it's also the right time for me to step back and let (many) others play an impactful role in that.

    I will still be working for PM. You will see my game-by-game NFL prediction analysis written up on the site each week. Founders of the business, including myself, are being included on every PM conversation. And the transition (which has been in the works for months) should be seamless to the point that the only obvious differences should be good things (like a higher volume of unique and interesting content, tremendous new products or the fact that my nasally voice won't be infiltrating your airwaves).

    Simply, I will be taking some time to apply similar predictive tools to solve other problems in various industries that have always intrigued me. I am certainly excited for the next stage of my journey, but that definitely does not diminish my excitement about where is now or where it is going.

    I will let Rob introduce himself as he settles into his new role. He's good people. Know that the site is in great hands.

    Thank you for everything.

    Paul Bessire
    CEO, General Manager
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