About Rob Pizzola

Rob Pizzola is one of North America's leading experts in the realm of sports betting. For the entirety of his professional career, Rob has held a position in the sports media landscape, while simultaneously growing his following in the sports betting and daily fantasy sports communities, placing an emphasis on statistical modeling.

Rob began his professional career as a producer for Hardcore Sports Radio; a division of one of Canada's leading sports networks. After several years producing some of the station's marquee shows, Rob graduated into an on-air role, where he was featured on the station's drive-time slot. Rob co-hosted a variety of programs aimed at providing sports bettors with prudent daily information, including a program which was simulcast nationally on The Score Television Network. Rob also contributed weekly NFL articles to theScore.com, previewing and recapping NFL cards from a betting perspective.

After several years in the sports radio landscape, Rob eventually shifted into the digital media space, where he helped grow the user base of theScore's enterprise app (formerly ScoreMobile). Rob held positions of Operations Manager and Project Manager for theScore, before deciding to leave the company in late 2015 to pursue other ventures.

Rob's background in statistics, coupled with his love for sports, has always kept him passionate about sports betting. As a student, Rob developed models to predict the outcomes of various sporting events, and he has been using statistical models ever since to gain an edge against betting markets and other DFS players.

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